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Gippsland Grand Slam

Mini French Open

Congratulations to Jack Foley winner of 2012 Mini French Open

Mini Wimbledon

Congratulations to Bayley Hill winner of 2012 Mini wimbledon

Below is the current points for the Gippsland Grand Slam

Players Age Group Total Points
Bayley Hill 13/U Boys 141
Taylor Stephenson 11/U Boys 103
Victor Forcadela 15/U Boys 100
Charlie Pritchett 11/U Boys 96
Thomas Foley 13/U Boys 92
Stephanie Flood 11/U Girls 91
James Shephard 13/U Boys 89
Chandler Hollands 11/U Boys 87
Jack Foley 15/U Boys 80
Shannon Cottrell 11/U Boys 80
Tilley Gordyn 11/U Girls 79
Meg Gordyn 13/U Girls 78
Adelle O'Doherty 11/U Girls 75
Clare Brown 11/U Girls 72
Maddy Davis 11/U Girls 70
John Booker 11/U Boys 70
Tahlia Hill 11/U Girls 69
Jack McCaughey 11/U Boys 69
Laura Jones 13/U Girls 65
Corey Scott 15/U Boys 64
Ben Elliott 11/U Boys 60
Meg Jones 11/U Girls 59
Joshua Kennedy 13/U Boys 56
Daniel Brown 13/U Boys 53
Ellie Thacker 11/U Girls 53
Murray Casella-McLaren 11/U Boys 52
Joshua Lyons 11/U Boys 48
Charlie Harrison 11/U Boys 47
Katy Klose 11/U Girls 46
Ben Burchell 11/U Boys 45
Brooke Thornhill 15/U Girls 43
Nellie Hunt 13/U Girls 43
Jackson Cottrell 13/U Boys 40
Tom Hunt 15/U Boys 39
Chloe Haylock 13/U Girls 39
Amber Archer 11/U Girls 39
NAB  15/U Boys 37
Matthew Gover 13/U Boys 36
Emily Elliott 11/U Girls 36
Lloyd Hodge 15/U Boys 35
Emma Allman 13/U Girls 35
Lachlan Shephard 13/U Boys 32
Josh Hanratty 15/U Boys 31
Darcy Wade 11/U Boys 30
Matthew Flood 11/U Boys 28
Hunter Pearce 11/U Boys 28
Tim Van Emmerik 15/U Boys 27
Miranda Shepard 13/U Girls 27
Riley Cottrell 11/U Boys 27
Bevan O'Doherty 11/U Boys 26
Lauren Richards 11/U Girls 24
Kimberley Bowtell 13/U Girls 23
Caydn Richards 11/U Boys 23
Nicole Skehan 11/U Girls 21
Lacey Allman 13/U Girls 17

The next tournament is Mini US Open held in September school holidays

Topspin Tennis Christmas Party 2011

This year was the biggest of all the Christmas Parties with over 80 children attending.  All players were broken into groups and competed in different activities .

A big Thank you to Lexie Joyce who helped out in the day and was very popular with all players.

Thank you to all players who turned out for the Topspin tennis Christmas Party – a great day was had by all staff and players, and when Santa arrived with his giveaways it was a sensational site at the club.

party party2
party4 party5

The Christmas day started in 2008 and is only going to get bigger it’s a great way for the students, parents and coaches to mix and get to know each other in a social and fun environment . The children play lots of tennis and participate in fun activities and it’s always great to see players from different clubs meeting new players

This year the famous raffle was won by Lauren Richards who is an up and coming star in her first season of competition tennis.  Lauren now has her choice of any racquet from the Reynolds Racquets Pro Shop

Once again thank you to all players and parents who participated.

Upcoming Events

Cardio Tennis

Topspin Tennis has recently qualified to conduct CARDIO TENNIS classes at the Sale Tennis Club.  These classes are high intensity fitness classes run on a tennis court using tennis activities.

Sessions will be held:

  • Wednesday 9:30am - 10:15am

  • Thursday 6:15am - 7:00am

Social Tennis Coach N Play

We will be holding the Coach N Play sessions Monday mornings 9:30am.  These sessions will run for 90 minutes and include a coaching lesson and also and introduction to competition tennis.

GOAT Squad

After a break the famous GOAT Squad is back.  Squad sessions will be held for 75 minutes and involve match play, fitness work and also tactical sessions